HomeActivitiesThe MAA Seminar on LAT in Skopje is completed

During the period 22.-23.12.2015, the МАA “Actuary“ organized a seminar in Skopje on „LAT – Liability adequacy testing“, for the members of the association. Lecturers on the seminar were 10 actuaries, also members of MAA “Actuary” who were attending the training in Zagreb on the same topic organized by the Croatian Actuarial Association as a part of the educational program Erasmus+.

The seminar was organized in three sessions. During the first day of the seminar were covered topics about legislation and LAT for life insurance, while the second day was devoted to LAT in non-life insurance. The participants on the seminar actively participated in discussions regarding questions on calculation of the technical provisions and liability adequacy testing. As a result were given suggestions for topics that should be discussed on future meetings of the Association.


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