The library of MAA “Actuary”:

  1. Pension illustrations: A fair comparison or a confidence trick
    Eric Short , 1988
  2. Retirement age and equalization of pension benefits
    P.C.Carroll, P.D.G.Tompkins , 1989
  3. The actuary’s role in determining pension fund investment strategy
    I.W.Woods, 1989
  4. Pension schemes and best estimates
    D.J.Parsons, 1990
  5. Modern investment techniques
    Andrew Barrie, Ewan Smith, 1993
  6. Life assurance marketing: A European perspective
    Jan Kamieniecki, Pat O’Keeffe, 1993
  7. Pension schemes and the family – A time for change
    I.M.Aitken, P.A.Hurcombe, 1994
  8. Pension funding modeling and stochastic investment returns
    Steven Haberman, 1994
  9. Demography: The effects of changing population profiles
    Dermot Grenhaw, 1995
  10. The actuarial profession: Uncertainty out of certainty?
    T.S.Bunch, 1997
  11. Pension schemes-some taxing questions
    John MacLeod, 1998
  12. Trusteeship, accounting and tax – A unified framework for life insurance
    Nicholas Hudson, 1999
  13. Mortality in the next millennium
    Richard Willets, 1999
  14. Unemployment, past, present and future
    Kathy Byrne, Simon Jeffery, Graham Bolton, 2000
  15. Report of the critical illness healthcare
    A.Dinani, D.Grimshaw and others, 2000
  16. Pensions and law inflation
                            P.M.C.Meredith, N.P.Horsfall and others, 2000
  17. Disability – Global trends and international perspectives
                            Les Mayhew, 2001
  18. Brands and customer values
                            Andrew Leifer, Philip Simpson, Mike Wilkinson, 2002
  19. Note on the relationship between pension assets and liabilities
                            Cliff Speed, David Bowie and others, 2003
  20. Professionalism course speakers’ handbook
                            Institute of Actuaries, Faculty of Actuaries, 2003/04 (2 primeroka)
  21. BSc. Actuarial Science degree, structure and syllabus
                            Cass business school, City of London, 2003 (2 primeroka)
  22. Stakeholder pensions and decision trees
                            FSA, 2003
  23. Pensions and economics 
    Andrew Wise, David Mc Carthy and others, 2004
  24. The long-run relationship between pension liabilities and asset prices 

Co integration approach, Mirko Cardinale, 2004

25. Derivatives and dynamic asset allocation in with-profits funds
                        Martin Muir and others, 2004
26. Do we need to regulate life insurance companies; If so, how should we do it?
                        Alan Morrison, 2004
27. An introduction to the UK actuarial profession
                        Sir Derek Morris, 2004
28. Core syllabus for actuarial training in Europe
                        Groupe Consultatif Syllabuses, 1998
29. Education syllabus
                        International Actuarial Association
30. Health and care, ST1 Specialist technical syllabus, 2004
31. General insurance, ST3 Specimen examination solutions, 2004
32. General insurance, ST3 Specimen examination, 2004
33. Communications, CA3 Core application syllabus, 2004
34. Finance and investment, ST5 Specialist technical syllabus, 2004
35. Investment, ST6 Specialist application syllabus, 2004
36. Some thoughts on the actuary in future
                        R.B.Akhurst, 1991
37. Annual report of the councils 2003/04
                        Institute of Actuaries, Faculty of Actuaries
38. Government actuary’s department, annual report 2002/03
                        GAD, 2003 (2 primeroka)
39. Economic affairs, Financial services regulation
                        2003 (2 primeroka)
40. W(h)ither state pension age
                        Deborah Cooper, David Lewis, Aidan Smith, 2004
41. The actuary, magazine, july 2004
42. Who are the actuaries? Reklamen materijal
Institute of Actuaries, Staple Inn, London
43. NFU Mutual / value, service and trust, bro{ura
44. Catalogue 2004/05 of the institute of economic affairs, (2 primeroka)
45. The regulation of financial markets
                        Philip Booth, David Currie, IEA, 2004
46. FSA guide to financial advice
                        FSA, 2002
47. FSA guide to saving for retirement-reviewing your plans
                        FSA, 2002
48. FSA guide to the risks of occupational pension transfers
                        FSA, 2003
49. FSA guide to topping up your occupational pension
                        FSA, 2004 (2 primeroka)
50. Financial reinsurance of general insurance
                        R.C.Wilkinson and others, 1993
51. Pension fund asset valuation and investment
                        A.C.L.Dyson, C.J.Exley, 1995
52. An alternative to the net premium valuation method for statutory reporting
                        P.G.Scott and others, 1996
53. Actuaries and derivatives
                        M.H.D.Kemp, 1996
54. An actuarial theory of option pricing
                        R.S.Clarkson, 1997

55. Pension funding and expensing in the minimum funding requirement                     
P.M.Greenwood, T.W.Keogh, 1997
56. The financial theory of defined benefit pension schemes
                        C.J.Exley, S.J.B.Mehta, A.D. Smith, 1997
57. Human genetics and financial services
                        A.D.Wilkie and others, 1997
58. Future financial regulation: An actuary’s view
                        A.S.Fishman and others, 1997
59. A review of the statutory valuation of long-term insurance business in UK
                        P.W.Wright and others, 1998
60. The methodology of actuarial science
                        J.M.Pemberton, 1998
61. The regulatory role of the actuary
                        C.D.Daykin, 1999
62. International expansion, a UK perspective
                        D. Grenham and others, 1999
63. Corporate decisions in general insurance: Beyond the frontier
                        M.P.Cumberworth and others, 1999
64. The Lloyd’s reinsurance to close process
                        D.J.Hindley and others, 2000
65. A learning profession
                        T.D.Kingston, 2000
66. Principles of the future education strategy
                        J.Goford and others, 2001
67. Fair valuation of liabilities
                        C.J.Hairs and others, 2001
68. Stochastic claims reserving in general insurance
                        P.D.England, R.J.Verrall, 2002
69. Corporate diversity and the provision of financial services
                        P.Guijarro, D.J.P.Hare, 2002
70. Reserving, pricing and hedging for policies with guaranteed annuity options
                        A.D.Wilkie, H.R.Waters, S.Yang, 2003
71. A stochastic approach to risk management and decision making in defined benefit pension schemes
                        S. Habermak and others, 2003
72. The implication of fair value accounting for general insurance companies
                        P.K.Clark and others, 2003
73. Practical risk management for equity portfolio managers
                        G.C.Heywood, Marslamd, Morrison, 2003
74. Measuring and managing the economic risks and costs of with-profits
                        A.J.Hibbert, C.J.Turnbull, 2003
75. Pension schemes and fixed income investment
                        P.J.Sweeting, 2004
76. Longevity in the 21st century
                        R.C.Willets and others, 2004
77. Quantifying operational risk in general insurance companies
                        M.H.Tripp and others, 2004
                        R.C.Willets and others, 2004
78. Practical risk theory for actuaries
                        C.D.Daykin, T. Pentikainen, M. Pesonen, 1994