HomeActivitiesThe training organized for members of the MAA “Actuary” is completed

During the period 22 – 27 November 2015, as a part of the educational program Erasmus+, the following member of the MAA “Actuary”: Biljana Prcheva, Biljana Stameska, Gordana Pecelj, Elena Tanaskoska, Iskra Lakjinska – Velichkova, Kristina Evtimoska, Maja Serafimova Najkova, Milan Antovski, Risto Bajatov and Slagjana Miljkovikj Sterjovska; took part on the training for Liability Adequacy Testing (LAT), organized by the Croatian Actuarial Association (HAD) in Zagreb.

The lecturers on the training were licensed actuaries, members of HAD, whit extensive experience in implementing LAT models in practice. The training was organized in (3) three sections:

  • LAT for life insurance;
  • LAT for non-life insurance, and
  • LAT from audit perspective.

Each section was lectured by the following lecturers, respectively:

  • Tihana Radisic (Erste osiguranje Vienna insurance Group d.d.);
  • Jasna Komljenovic Loncar (TRIGLAV OSIGURANJE d.d.), and
  • Zdenka Idzotic (RJEŠENJE PLUS d.o.o. ).

During the training, in details, were presented the models of LAT, the legal framework, the practical implementation and assumptions, reporting and interconnection of LAT with other actuarial processes from practical, as well as from audit aspect.

As a part of the dissemination phase, the members of MAA “Actuary” who were part of the training will organize two seminars on the same topic in order to transfer the knowledge acquired. The audience of the first seminar will be the other members of MAA “Actuary”, while for the second seminar the target audience will be broader public with interest in learning of the need and the benefit of LAT modelling.

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