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In June 2015, the National Agency for European educational programs and mobility, within the program Erasmus+, accepted the application of the MAA “Actuary”- Strengthening the Capacities of MAA “Actuary” in Modeling Skills, and approved fully financing in total amount of €12,250.

As part of the project, 10 actuaries- members of MAA “Actuary” will participate in the 5-day training on Liability Adequacy Testing (LAT), organized by the Croatian Actuarial Association – HAD. The aim of the training is to deepen the understanding of actuaries in LAT methodology in order to apply it in their daily work. The training will contribute in enhancing the technical skills of the actuaries, as well as in enhancing the employment possibilities. Тhe understanding of the LAT methodology has wide application in the insurance sector, banking sector, public sector etc. This is added value of the training, since the actuaries could apply the acquired knowledge beyond insurance industry- which is currently the greatest beneficiary of the actuarial skills.

After the training, the trainees will organize two workshops for their colleagues- members of MAA “Actuary”, in order to disseminate the gained knowledge and skills. Also, within the project, the trained actuaries will prepare a practical guide on LAT.

The National Agency for European educational programs and mobility is a public institution that works to promote and implement European programs in education, training, youth and sport in the Republic of Macedonia. Former European programs, previously divided by sectors, now are united in the new program Erasmus + which will be implemented in the period from 2014-2020. The National Agency manages the program funds.

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