The membership in the Association is voluntary.

The Association may have regular, associate and honorable members. A person interested in becoming a member of the Association submits an Application form. The Executive body of the Association examines the request of the participant and decides whether the person meets the requirements for a regular membership. The Executive body of the Association shall submit the application of the participant, complemented with appropriate proposal and explanation, to the Association’s Assembly. Upon the submitted proposal and explanation by the Executive body, the Association’s Assembly shall take a decision to either grant a permission or refuse the application.

A person can be a regular member of the Association if he/she meets the following requirements:

  • he/she pursues the actuarial profession either in a scientific or practical way;
  • he/she has at least university degree;
  • he/she has completed specialist training in the actuarial science in accordance with IAA
    (International Actuarial Association) guidelines;
  • he/she has a minimum of one year of working experience in the field of actuarial science
    and/or its application;
  • he/she accepts the Statute and is governed by it.

Associate members of the Association may be a person:

  • who is educated or is performing activities as an actuary and does not meet the
    requirements for regular membership;
  • who is interested in monitoring the developments of the actuarial profession.

Associate members pay membership fee.

Associate members are not entitled to vote on the Assembly’s meetings.

All persons who are citizens of the Republic of Macedonia or foreign citizens who have exceptional merits in relation to the Association itself or development of actuarial profession and its application, or in other way contributed to the development of the Association shall be eligible for honorable membership of the Association.
Honorable members are elected by the Assembly upon a proposal from the Executive body.
Honorable members do not pay membership fee.
Honorable members are entitled to vote at Assembly’s meeting if they are also regular members of the Association.

Each member can voluntarily leave the Association.

The membership in the Association terminates:

  • by resignation of the membership based on a member’s written request;
  • by expulsion from membership when member will severely violate the Statute. The Assembly
    decides on expulsion from the membership;
  • with the death of a member.

Rights and obligations of the members

The rights and obligations of regular members of the Association are as follows:

  • to comply with the Code of Conduct;
  • to participate in the decision‐making sessions of the Assembly’s meetings;
  • to elect bodies of the Association and to be elected as a member of a body of the Association;
  • to give an initiative for convening an Assembly’s meeting, amending the Statute and discharging the Executive body and any other body of the Association;
  • to improve the Association’s activities;
  • to be informed on the activities of the Association and its bodies on a regular basis;
  • to take a participation in accomplishing the objectives of the Association;
  • to promote the Association’s activities;
  • to participate in the Association’s meetings and conferences;
  • to pay membership fee on a regular basis.