HomeActivitiesSeminar on “LAT” in Skopje for the members of MAA “Actuary”

As a part of the dissemination phase of the educational program Erasmus+, the members of MAA “Actuary” who were part of the training in Zagreb on Liability Adequacy Testing (LAT), will hold a seminar on the same topic on 22th and 23th December 2015 for the other members of MAA “Actuary”. The purpose of the seminar will be to transfer the acquired knowledge during the 5 day training in Zagreb, and also to put ground for discussion on problems that the actuaries are facing on this topic as well other topics.

With organization of seminars of this kind, MAA “Actuary” enables its members to be up to date with the actuarial techniques and standards, the legislation- domestic and international, the accounting standards, and also helps to increase the reputation of the actuarial profession in Macedonia.

Also, during this phase of the project, he members of MAA “Actuary” who were part of the training in Zagreb, will hold one more seminar during 2016 for other interested parties and professionals from the insurance areas. The purpose of this seminar will be to widen the knowledge of other professionals for the need and benefits of conducting LAT.

Additionally, it will be prepared a practical guide for LAT.

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