General provisions

(1) This Code stipulates general rules that the members of MAA “Actuary” should follow with the purpose of building a system of conduct that would elevate their personal and professional status.
(2) The members are obliged to become familiar with the provisions and rules of the Code and to act in accordance with them. By accepting this Code, the members are obliged to consistently respect the stipulated ethical and professional rules.
(3) Each member should be prepared to justify each conduct that deviates from this Code, and to explain why certain activity or omission was appropriate and justified in a given situation.
(4) The Actuary performs actuarial work exceptionally in accordance with the public interest. In that sense, MAA “Actuary” is responsible to promote protection and improvement of activities of public interest, and each member should behave in a way to fulfill its professional responsibility towards public interest.
(5) The provisions from the Code that refer to Actuaries, on a corresponding way are applied also to the remaining members of the MAA “Actuary” and to the certified actuaries.

The full content can be downloaded on the following link: Code of conduct