Macedonian Actuarial Association “Actuary” is a professional organization established in April 2004, with a purpose to promote the actuarial science, its practical application and professional development and education of actuaries in the Republic of Macedonia.

The main objectives of the Macedonian Actuarial Association “Actuary” are:

  • Promoting the role of the actuarial profession and increasing its reputation and recognition;
  • Following the latest developments in the field of actuarial science;
  • Helping members to actively participate in these developments;
  • Study and enhance the practical application of the actuarial science;
  • Cooperation with faculties, scientific institutions, international actuarial associations and other relevant organizations;
  • Improve and harmonize the scientific and professional education and expertise of the actuaries.

Since 2006, MAA ‘Actuary” is an associate member of International Actuarial Association (IAA)