Macedonian Actuarial Association

Macedonian Actuarial Association (MAA) is a professional organization established in April 2004, with a purpose to promote the actuarial science, its practical application and professional development and education of actuaries in the Republic of North Macedonia.
Promoting the role of the actuarial profession and increasing its reputation and recognition;

  • Follow and implement educational guidelines issued by relevant national and international actuarial associations;
  • Compliance with the International Standards of Actuarial Practice (known as ISAPs);
  • Provide support and assistance to members for their professional development;
  • Implementation of the best actuarial practises;
  • Cooperation with academic institutions, international and national actuarial associations and other bodies;

Since 2006, MAA is an associate member of International Actuarial Association (IAA)

Statute of the MAA regulates the principles of operation and the organization of the Macedonian Actuarial Association.