Disciplinary Procedure Committee


According to the Rulebook on the disciplinary procedure:

  • The Committee initiates disciplinary procedure against a member of MAA, based on a submitted appeal in written;
  • The Committee conducts disciplinary procedure against a member of MAA;
  • The Committee determines disciplinary measures against a member of MAA if during the disciplinary procedure it determines that the member is guilty;
  • The Committee, at least once a year, reports for its operation on an Assembly’s meeting.


Biljana Stameska
Iskra Velichkova-Lakinska
Lidija Risteska
Cvetlana Vinchenzi – Markulevska
Kristina Evtimoska
Cvetlana Vinchenzi – Markulevska
Elena Tanaskoska
Kristina Evtimoska
Biljana Prcheva
Vladimir Bubalov
Zvonko Jovanovski