The membership in the Association is voluntary.

Membership in the Association is regular, affiliated, interest, donor and honourable. There may be:

  • regular members
  • associate members
  • interested members
  • donors members
  • honourable members.

Any actuary may become a member of the Association through submission on an application form. Each member may withdraw from membership in the Association at any time, freely in his/her own discretion.

The Association maintains a register of its members. The member list is updated regularly on an annual basis. The register contains information which is protected in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law.

Regular members

Regular member of the Association is obliged to meet relevant membership criteria:

  • To provide supporting documents for the profound theoretical and practical knowledge on actuarial science accompanied by the application form. The necessary set of documents is prescribed by the Association subject to Internal Regulations.
  • To fully accept and comply with the Code of Professional Conduct for Actuaries;
  • To follow scientific developments in the field of actuarial profession and its application in practice;
  • To have working and/or practical experience in actuarial activities for at least three years.
  • To meet requirements of the Rulebook on Continuous Professional Improvement enacted by the Association.

Every regular member of MAA shall become MAA Qualified Actuary.

Regular members – Founders are those members who have participated at the Constituent Conference of the Assembly and they meet the requirements for regular members.

Aneta Gacovska Barandovska01.04.2004
Biljana Koteska17.02.2014
Biljana Petroska01.04.2004
Biljana Prcheva01.01.2008
Biljana Stameska06.05.2017
Cvetlana Vinchenzi – Markulevska10.04.2010
Daniela Kozarova14.04.2005
Elena Tanaskoska01.04.2004
Gordana Minoska17.04.2008
Gordana Pecelj01.04.2004
Iskra Velichkova-Lakinska11.04.2009
Ivana Todorov17.04.2008
Jasminka Ilieva01.04.2004
Kristina Evtimoska02.06.2016
Lidija Risteska06.05.2017
Lidija Tripunova17.04.2008
Maja Serafimova Najkova11.04.2009
Milan Antovski01.01.2008
Natasha Ajkoska02.04.2011
Risto Bajatov24.03.2015
Robert Nesimi17.02.2014
Sanja Tanchevska01.04.2004
Simeon Gacovski01.04.2004
Slagjana Miljkovikj Sterjovska17.02.2014
Violeta Savin Ingjikj01.04.2004
Vladimir Bubalov11.04.2009
Vladimir Stojanoski14.04.2005
Zhaneta Popeska14.04.2005
Zvonko Jovanovski01.04.2004

Associate members of the Association can become any physical person who:

  • Has provided supporting documents for the profound theoretical knowledge on actuarial science accompanied by the application form. The necessary set of documents is prescribed by the Association subject to special Internal Regulations.
  • Accepts and complies with the Code of Professional Conduct for Actuaries.
Andrej Pulejkov17.02.2014
Delcho Leshkovski17.02.2014
Elena Cvetkoska10.07.2023
Gordana Ivanovska17.02.2014
Hristina Sofronioska10.07.2023
Kaltrina Hasipi10.07.2023
Maja Tanchevska10.07.2023
Marija Ljubenovska10.07.2023
Marija Mitrovska10.07.2023
Sanja Mihajlovska-Baleska10.07.2023
Sasho Stanoeski20.10.2021
Sasho Stanoevski11.04.2009
Snezhana Josifoska10.07.2023
Violeta Kitanoska10.07.2023

Interested members of Association can become any physical persons who have been recently attending professional actuarial training under the Program of the Association or any other actuarial association which is a full member of the International Actuarial Association or are keen on acquiring knowledge of actuarial profession.

Angela Popovska10.07.2023
Merita Tairi10.07.2023

Donors members can become any natural persons and legal entities who assist their work with donations whereby they express their support of the mission and the activities of the Association.

Honourable members of the Association may become persons who are especially worthy for the Association and meritorious in development and promotion of actuarial theory and practice in the Republic of Macedonia or in any other way have contributed to the development and improvement of the Association.

The decision on the proclamation of the honorary member is passed by the Assembly of the Association at the proposal of the Executive Board.

Klime Poposki16.04.2014
Renata De Leers21.05.2018
Tatjana Lukanovska16.04.2014